Hidden Owl Projects

SWAMP MUSIC: Gator Country’s Musical Legacy
by Michael Ray FitzGerald (Coming November, 2018)
Mark My Words: Poems by Tonn Pastore (website and book)

Smoke and Mirrors (book)
Wise Practice (book)
Mixed Metaphors (book)
Word Trips (book)
Aaron's Little Light (book)
Saturday At 2 (book)
Notes from the War-Torn (book)
Alice Grisham (client)
Michael R. Fitgerald (client)
Carrol Wolverton (client)
Edward M. Baldwin (client)
Joel L. Young (client)
Life Counseling Center, Inc. (client)
A Quantum Leap (client)
First Dream (film)
Time (film)
A Riverside Evening (film, written by);  info on film
(Additional projects not listed to maintain confidentiality)

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